Choosing the best childcare for your family can be challenging, but reading testimonials from parents whose children attend the center day in and day out can help tremendously.  At Holly Springs School for Early Education, we always appreciate hearing how we are doing from our parents, and hope you do too!


“What a wonderful school! We feel very fortunate to have found such a great place for Lakin. Thank you for all the thought and care you put into every day and for offering a wonderful education for Lakin.-

~John and Meghan M.

“Thank you for everything you do at HSSEE. I think you go above and beyond what is required to make this preschool awesome. I brag to everyone about how much I love this school. We have been coming here since 2010 and it was the best decision we made. Thank you so much for being a second home to us and for making Jackson’s and William’s time in preschool a valuable and fun experience.

~Amy F.

“As I send my daughter Raynn off to Kindergarten today, I am reflecting on how far she has come and how lucky I was to have her be a part of Holly Springs School for Early Education. HSSEE has been a wonderful experience for both Raynn and I. Not only was I lucky enough to have Raynn go to school here but I also was a teacher and worked with two amazing people – Kathy and Latanya! I want to especially thank Ms. Kathy for all of her wonderful advice, if it wasn’t for her, Raynn would not even be taking piano. I really appreciate everything all of the teachers have done to prepare Raynn for this very day! WE will miss Holly Springs School for Early Education very much. They truly are the BEST!”

~Tiffany C. 

“I can’t believe today is Lizzy’s last day of daycare/preK it’s truly bitter sweet and we couldn’t have chosen a better pre-school to prepare her for kindergarten.”

-Amy Berry

“For nearly 8 years, my morning routine has included dropping a child off at Holly Springs School for Early Education. This morning, I dropped Morgan off for the last time. The amazing staff there has been like an extension of our family teaching our children, celebrating milestones, offering comfort, and drying tears (even my own a few times!). I loved the school when I toured it for the first time with Mrs. Amy, and it exceeded my expectations over the years. We are excited to be moving forward into the next phase of our life with Morgan starting elementary school, but we will really miss all the friends we have made there – staff, children, and other parents!”

—Susan and Kenn Kubacki

“My daughter is in a group of five that are pulled out into another group in school because she is reading at a higher level. 4 out of the 5 children pulled out for this attended Holly Springs School of Early Education for Pre-K”

-Angela Cameron

“Thank you so much! Our Ezra, age 2, has really enjoyed his first two days of school. The phone call yesterday was so thoughtful and kind. I am full of relief and gratitude!”

– Sarah Coulter

“At Holly Springs School for Early Education, the staff is very caring and open to discussions about our son’s progress and needs. They have never made us feel that any of the concerns that we have voiced were not important. The staff always listens and communicates with us and desires to resolve any concerns that we have had. HSSEE is a very ‘family friendly’ …”

– Chris and Tracy S.

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