Focused On Their Growing Needs: The Toddler Program at Holly Springs School

(13-23 months)

Toddler Care Holly Springs NC

Holly Springs School for Early Education helps your toddlers explore their world!

We focus much of our programming around the developmental framework where knowledge of ‘self’, introduction of feelings, expanded communication, basic socialization and interpersonal relationships, physical and cognitive development are central. These tested concepts have assisted us in our program accomplishments.

Toddlers Are On The Go!

The toddler program at Holly Springs School for Early Education has a focus of ‘ON THE GO’ learning. We enlist objects and channels ranging from sensory tables, to fine arts and music. We also feature the use of Mother Read Program for creative story telling. Language is developed through many avenues like word recognition, imaginative storytelling and props— like flannel boards and flash cards. At this age, children learn that language has meaning. Over 100 words will be introduced throughout the school year. Children in this class continue to further their sign language skills to communicate their wants and needs. Teachers have a commitment to consistent communication with parents; this is most effectively demonstrated with the use of daily reports and monthly newsletters.

Research supports the importance of the introduction of primary language and literacy skills for toddlers.  It is also recognized that they gain knowledge through consistent routines like—reading books, conversation, laughing and free play.  Children learn language best when they take part in two-way conversations.  They also begin to work on memory and comprehension with the use of storytelling and songs. Free play and exploration of books and other written materials have also encouraged literacy skills.  In our classroom, we incorporate the use of these materials and others like magazines, newspapers and recipes to realize beginning literacy.

Toddler Program in Holly Springs NC

Your sweet toddler will enjoy the variety of exciting learning opportunities at Holly Springs School!

Toddlers are naturally curious. They are determined to figure out how things work.  It is in this stage that we encourage classroom experiments, and begin the concept of cause and effect.  We allow teh children in our toddlers program to investigate with shapes, sizes and varied weights as they take note of the differences.  Our hands-on approach and use of manipulatives provide the children with needed tools as they develop cognition and awareness.

As we work to help develop the emotional development of our toddlers, we acknowledge and respect their investigation.  In this developmental phase, they are trying out their budding feeling with words like ‘NO’.  This is a natural progression as they work to understand independence.  Our teachers are there to help guide them through the process, provide safety and security during their exploration and help them work through tangles and frustrations.

As with all of our programs, parental participation is strongly encouraged and enthusiastically welcomed. Our open door policy allows for unplanned drop-ins and observation.  We are family at Holly Springs School for Early Education and work diligently to include parents as needed partners.

Similar to the infant class, our quality programming includes low teacher turnover (avg. of 3yrs, experience with Holly Springs School); individual care plans; daily reports; daily outdoor play or buggy walks; Sign Language; soothing stretches; and being a shoeless classroom.

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