Enrichment Programs

At Holly Springs School, The Enrichment Programs Are Always Included!

Enrichment Programs in Holly Springs NC

Your child will enjoy Yoga at Holly Springs School!

At Holly Springs School for Early Education, we see the enrichment programs not as supplements to our already outstanding programs, but as enhancers. The enrichment programs we offer at all age levels sets us apart from other early childhood and child care schools in the area.

We offer the following programs for the children enrolled at our school, at no additional charge:

  • Soothing Stretch- for our infants to help keep joints lubricate and promote flexibility and aid in digestion and relaxation
  • Music and Movement – this program is used with all of our age groups and is modified to best meet the needs of the children as they grow
  • Sign Language-we introduce Sign with our Infant program and continue it through Pre-K
  • Yoga & Stretching- this program is offered for our Pre-K classrooms
  • Beginning Spanish- this language adventured in offered in our Three and Four-year-old class, as well as the Pre-K classrooms
  • Fine Arts- this program is offered in our Three and Four-year-old class, as well as the Pre-K classrooms
  • Field trips-  these adventures begin in our Three and Four-year-old class and continue into the Pre-K classrooms

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Enrichment Programs for Kids in Holly Springs NC

Holly Springs School has amazing enrichment programs!

Many childcare and early learning centers offer enrichment programs.

But in almost all cases, these offerings are made available at an additional cost, have limited participant spaces, and are contracted out to other companies.

Because our commitment is to the education and development of the whole child, enrichment is a true part of all program design at Holly Springs School!

At Holly Springs School, we have set our bar high.
Your children are far too important to us not to reach its heights!

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